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Art Projects

Check Out My Art Projects, Done With Different Types of Analog Gear

  1. Break Even Point

    A Color Documentary and Book About the Old Polaroid Factory in Enschede, Netherlands - 2010

  2. Perspektivwechsel

    A Workshop and Book with Mental Patients in Berlin, Germany - 2012

  3. Rollberg Poster Project

    A Black and White Documentary and Poster Installation of the Intriguing Area of "Rollberg" in Neukoelln, Berlin, Germany - 2013

  4. Vancouver Hastings

    A Black and White Documentary and Book about the famous "Downtown - Eastside" or "Hastings" in Vancouver B.C., Canada - 2008/09

  5. Color Bombz

    A Colorful Documentary About the Graffitis in Berlin - 2015

  6. Alter Style

    A Engineerd Photography Workshop With Elders from the Area of "Rollberg" in Neukoelln, Berlin - 2014